National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) of EPPO member countries are invited to share on this platform the communication material (e.g. photos, videos, posters, fliers) that has been prepared during their communication campaigns on plant health. This platform is moderated by the EPPO Secretariat.

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Latest Campaigns


2021 Leaflets for reporting symptoms caused by pests for forestry

Czech Republic

2019 Warning against the introduction of Xylella fastidiosa

A leaflet informs about Xylella fastidiosa - the risks and...

Czech Republic

2022 Brochure and exhibition on invasive pests and diseases

This brochure informs (on 21 pages) about invasive pests and...


2020 10 most wanted poster

The production of this poster by the Flanders Research Institute...


2022 Anoplophora chinensis

A leaflet was prepared and distributed in mail boxes of...


2020 Aleurocanthus spiniferus

Short description and explanation about Aleurocanthus spiniferus, a pest which...


2022 Lindingaspis rossi

How to protect olive trees and olives against the pest...

Czech Republic

2017 Quarantine pests on forest trees

Publication about harmful organisms on forest trees....


2021 Beware&Note

This notification system for quarantine pests in Belgium allows their...

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