National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) of EPPO member countries are invited to share on this platform the communication material (e.g. photos, videos, posters, fliers) that has been prepared during their communication campaigns on plant health. This platform is moderated by the EPPO Secretariat.

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Latest Campaigns

European Union

2024 2024 #PlantHealth4Life campaign

This multiannual campaign by EFSA, the EC and EU Member...

European Union

2024 Dissemination material on Popillia japonica

Info material regarding Popillia japonica produced in the framework of...


2024 Wood packaging material leaflet

Leaflet on wood packaging material and pests that can be...


2023 Agrilus planipennis leaflet

Information leaflet about Agrilus planipennis...


2022 Travel: the 5 fruits you can take home

Campaign to raise awareness of travellers on risks associated with...


2023 Bursaphalenchus xylophilus leaflet

Information leaflet about Bursaphalenchus xylophilus...


2024 New import inspection video on Valentine's Day

A new video about the import inspection of cut flowers...


2023 Information leaflets about quarantine pests

Information leaflets on Diabrotica virgifera virgifera Le Conte, Ceratitis capitata...


2024 International Day of Plant Health 2024 in Ankara

As part of the celebration activities of the International day...

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